District 5 Duluth City Council

District 5 Duluth City Council

Hello, I am Janet Kennedy

I am running for District Five Duluth City Council because it’s time we make a difference in building a Western community of neighborhoods with opportunities for everyone to live work, and play. I am rooted in the community and have a deep passion and the experience to build what we want to see for today and into the future. Community investment begins with community and my vision includes building on the unique assets that Western Duluth has to offer.

A lifelong resident of West Duluth, I am currently serving as the President of the Duluth Planning Commission and was appointed by the Mayor to serve on the Imagine Duluth 2035 Comprehensive Plan. I am also the President of Riverfront Community Development, which has had success in building community and business coalitions across the West Side of Duluth that are working on rebuilding and redeveloping Western Duluth.

Meet and Greet Fundraiser for Janet Kennedy!

Hosted by Janet Kennedy and Co-Hosts: * * Annie Kennedy * * Bernie Burnham * * Laurie Casey * * Ann Glumac * * Joy and Joshua Herbert * * Pete Johnson, President IAFF Local 101 and Dehlia Seim * * Bill and Sue Majewski * * Will and Sally Munger * * Carole Newkumet * * Kathleen Gates and Katherine Speare * * John and Diane Strongitharm * * Sharon Witherspoon * * Zandy Zwiebel * *

Saturday June 23, 2019 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Lake Superior Zoo Pavilion
7210 Fremont St. Duluth

Please join Janet and her co-hosts for light refreshments and a community conversation.

We can make a difference together.

My Vision for Western Duluth

Community-Centered Economic Development

Small businesses are revitalizing neighborhoods in Western Duluth and across our city. I will continue to actively support and promote small business growth to create jobs in Western Duluth and across our city, directing improvements to cross-collaboration of business and strong community organizations needed to build neighborhoods.

Health Disparities

I have worked in the healthcare profession for 25 years, so I know the hardships that health care disparities cause families and individuals. I will continue working on the social, economic, and environmental health disparities based on zip codes in collaboration with local and state partnerships that I have built. Through policies, practices, and procedures, we will improve optimal health for everyone.

Vibrant Neighborhoods

Duluth is a community of neighborhoods. As President of the RiverFront Community Development, I have advocated for strong neighborhoods to enrich children, families, and individuals living in the Western Duluth communities. I will continue to address Duluth’s housing challenges and build vibrant neighborhoods with places to live, work, and play.


Aging streets and infrastructure have always been a problem in Duluth. Our city will be left behind if we don’t prepare a strategic plan to fund and build improvements. I will support initiatives for improving aging infrastructure, roads, and streets, as well as increasing transportation connectivity and safety for all users.

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