Get Involved!

Whether you are a seasoned campaigner or a person just getting started with politics and activism, you are welcome to join us!

We need many people to play many roles. You can see a description of a few below that can help you figure how you might best contribute. Once you’ve read over those, please submit the volunteer form at the bottom of this page to get started.

If you have other ideas on ways you can contribute, we’d love to hear about those as well! Are you a photographer? Can you offer childcare? Are you a social media guru? Let us know in form below.

Already know what you want to do?


Door Knocking

Door knockers go in small teams to knock on doors and talk to voters in targeted voter areas.  They discuss the campaign, answer questions, gather basic data, and hand out campaign materials. It’s a great opportunity to get out in the community and hear what your neighbors are thinking about.

Phone Banking

Phone bankers receive a targeted list of voters to call and discuss the campaign. Making phone calls can be intimidating, so you will receive a script to help you feel prepared for your conversations. The most important part is to remind and encourage people to vote!

Host a House Party

House parties are typically fun, informal gatherings hosted in someone’s home. You can invite your friends and family and maybe some suggested attendees provided by the campaign to get together, enjoy some coffee, and express your support of Janet and her city council campaign.


Write a Letter

Write about your support of the campaign and let the world know why you think Janet will make an excellent city councilor. We will help you figure out a strategic recipient for your letter, but opinion pieces for the newspaper is a good place to start.

Request a Yard Sign

Want to spread the word about Janet’s City Council campaign? Let us know and we will bring you a yard sign that you can display at your home or business. We want to see support for Janet all over the map of Duluth!

Volunteer Form

Thank you for your interest in helping with the campaign! To get started, please fill out this form and indicate which of the roles you want to volunteer for. If you want a yard sign, please make sure to include your address when you submit the form. We look forward to seeing you on the team!

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